Friday, December 10, 2010

NYC and Other news.

I'm really sorry for the lack up updates recently. I've been fairly absent since graduation and now things are starting to slow down a bit. I'm getting back into a groove and updates will now become a bit more regular. I excited to say I recently moved to go NYC and have started working as a graphics artist for Polo Ralph Lauren! Its been great moving to the city and getting back up to the north east. It's a welcome change from the FL heat and the winter weather has definitely been something I'm getting accustomed to again. Since I've been up here I've had the chance to reconnect with so many of my friends and it's hard to be in a place like this and not walk 10 feet without finding something else around you to inspire you! I feel pretty fortunate for all the great changes lately and hopefully now I'm starting to get settled here, my presence on the blog will start to pick up again. For now here's something to tide you over!
Thanks for stopping by!

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Adam Tamte Volker said...

good to see more work from you dude, have fun in the city. Up up and away!